Garden Accessories

Garden and Lawn Extras

Flowers, shrubs, trees, and lush green grass bring life to your garden and enhance the appeal of your landscaping and home. Proper garden care and lawn maintenance are key elements in ensuring that your garden oasis continues to thrive and provide an idyllic outdoor environment for your family and guests.

Today, garden "extras" are the newest rage in outdoor decorating and design, featuring creative ways to enhance your lawn and garden and bring contemporary fashion to traditional Mother Nature. Here are some of today's most popular garden accessories.

Garden Statues

There are literally hundreds of different garden statues to choose from today, ranging from angels, saints, and Buddha's to trolls, frogs, turtles, birds, and more. Search online for the garden statue that best compliments your landscaping.

Garden Stepping Stones

Stepping stones are a creative way to step up your garden décor. Arranged in a pile or strategically scattered for a decorative effect, you can select from colored stepping stones, various sized stepping stones, butterfly or flower stepping stones, sports logo stepping stones, and more.

Garden Stakes

Garden stakes are staking their ground as popular contemporary garden accessories. Simply press them into the ground, and your favorite garden stakes stand tall and proud, making a fashion statement of their own. Look for butterfly garden stakes, swan garden stakes, ostrich garden stakes, logo garden stakes, and more. You can also design a personalized garden stake featuring your family name or a special greeting.

Garden Lights

Garden lighting no longer merely illuminates your outdoor spaces; today's garden lights are decorative elements in their own right. With a growing number of outdoor lighting solutions, you can use garden lights to create a mood, to showcase unique architecture or landscaping features, or to make a unique and stylish contribution to your outdoor décor. Especially popular are energy saving solar garden lights, which are powered by the sun, easy to install, and inexpensive. These low-voltage lights come in an array of styles, sizes, and colors to meet all your decorating needs.

Garden Benches

Garden benches add a unique architectural aspect to your front yard, backyard, or other landscaping areas. Unlike patio furniture, garden benches are permanent fixtures that won't blow away in the wind. Wood garden benches have the added advantage of natural markings, which give each bench a unique design. Popular varieties include concrete garden benches, which can be crafted to feature birds, flowers, and other motifs, and which can be given an "antiquated" look by the addition of certain additives in the concrete mix prior to hardening.

More Garden Accessories

As the number of novel garden decorations continues to expand, here are a few more "garden extras" suggestions for you to consider:

•- Bird Baths

•- Bird Feeders

•- Bird Houses

•- Garden Bridges

•- Garden Fountains

•- Garden Ponds

•- Garden Waterfalls

•- Garden Swings