Garden Lighting

To create the ultimate garden and enhance your deck, patio, and outdoor experience, garden lighting not only illuminates your spaces, but adds warmth, ambience, and creativity to your outdoor décor.

Modern Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Modern outdoor lighting schemes are practical, economical, energy efficient, versatile, and creative. And many lighting lines combine high function with high fashion. Whether you choose outdoor lamps, bulbs, spotlights, up-lighters, pond lighting, rope lighting or solar lighting, there is sure to be a lighting solution that best showcases your landscaping, garden, and/or patio and deck furnishings.

Low-Voltage (LV) Garden Lights

As a modern way to illuminate your outdoor walkways, stairs, patios, garden statues, and driveways, LV lights come in an array of design options. Popular due to their safety and ease of use - they can be easily installed by a non-professional - LV lights can be used as a subtle lighting source or to replace high-voltage lighting. Two types of LV lights are:

- Fluorescent Lamps: Producing as much light as incandescent lamps but using far less electricity, fluorescent lights work by igniting a gas as opposed to a filament. Available in a range of low-watt and compact varieties, fluorescent lamps can be used outdoors, however they may fail under cold weather conditions

- Halogen Lamps: Halogens feature clear, strong, long-lasting light output with minimum wattage that saves the planet electricity and saves you money.

High-Voltage Garden Lights

These bright lights are functional rather than decorative, allowing you and your family and friends to enjoy after-dark hours on your terrace, porch, patio, or verandah, or kick back by the poolside and deck. Sophisticated and advanced high-voltage garden lights feature infrared motion sensors which instantly detect movement on your property, causing them to turn on automatically in order to keep you and your property safe.

Outdoor Spotlights

To showcase special architecture or unique garden features such as garden waterfalls, garden statues, and even decorative hanging baskets, spotlights and colored spotlights do wonders for your outdoor spaces.

Spotlights that are positioned on the ground (pressed into the soil via a spike) in order to illuminate higher-up features (i.e., garden bridges, arches, and trees) are called up-lighters.

Pond lights are waterproof spotlights especially designed to show off your swimming pool, garden fountains, waterfalls, and more.

If you can picture a string of Christmas lights, then you know what rope lighting looks like. Using LED (Light-Emitting Diodes) lights, rope lighting is significantly cheaper than other light bulb options.

Solar Garden Lights

Utilizing the latest solar technologies, solar garden lights are powered directly by the sun, requiring no underground or outside wiring. There are now entire lines of renewable energy and solar lighting sources which meet the highest quality standards in the lighting industry. Outdoor solar light varieties include: hanging solar lights, solar step lights, solar deck lights, garden spotlights, low-cost solar lights, ground stake solar lights, and more. Not only are these lights attractive, efficient, and safe, but they add nothing to your electric bill!

Today you can also find solar security system lights, featuring a motion detector that triggers the light when movement is detected nearby. Some areas protected by solar security lights include your garage, backyard, patio, walkways, front entrance, driveway, and poolside.