Garden Benches

Timeless Garden Accessory

For a timeless and stylish addition to any garden or landscape, consider the benefits and beauty of a garden bench. Whether simple or elaborate in design, garden benches are a work of art to behold, combining function with fashion in your outdoor spaces. Placed in the middle of the garden, under a cool tree, next to a garden fountain, or in full view of your favorite flowerbeds and plants, garden benches are the quintessential garden accessory.

Modern Outdoor Décor

Garden benches are one of many popular contemporary outdoor pieces of garden furniture (including patio umbrellas, outdoor hammocks, and outdoor lamps). Expanding the reach of traditional landscaping (i.e., flowers, grass, shrubs, and trees), modern outdoor décor is all the rage among homeowners today, with decorative garden benches and other garden paraphernalia increasing the value and curb appeal of a home.

An Accent for Your Garden

Made from concrete, metal, various types of wood, iron, resin, stone, and more, garden benches are an attractive accent piece for any backyard, garden, patio, or deck. Ideal for sun-tanning, resting tired legs, gossiping or visiting with guests and friends, reading a good book, or simply admiring your landscaping view, garden benches are sure to enhance your outdoor experience.

Types of Garden Benches

Wooden Garden Benches

For a natural look, garden benches made from wood are a wonder. Since wood is temperature sensitive, however, and can be damaged by extreme heat and humidity (causing cracks and splinters in the wood), be sure to apply a protective coating such as a finish, stain, or paint to your wooden garden bench every year or two, and to clean/dry regularly with soapy water and a cloth. Similarly, it is wise to store wooden benches in a garage or shed during the winter or to cover them with a special garden furniture cover during the wet months of the year. (Warning: Do not cover with a standard garbage bag, which traps moisture and can damage wood)

Iron Garden Benches

In light of the durability and long life of iron garden benches, many homeowners are choosing iron over traditional wood. The anti-corrosive nature of iron makes it the perfect weather-resistant material for outdoor furniture, and iron garden benches are extremely durable, offering you great value for your dollars.

Aluminum Garden Benches

Innovations in modern technology have produced garden benches made from aluminum, which are lightweight, rustproof, and weather-resistant. Less expensive than their counterparts, aluminum garden benches look beautiful with their brass or stainless steel hardware, topped off with a high-grade finishing coat.

Concrete Garden Benches

Go back to the classics with a concrete garden bench, which is a good selection in regions with mild weather climates. Nowadays you can find colored concrete garden benches, as well as concrete benches with designs, and even "tribute bench personalization kits," allowing you to commemorate or pay tribute to someone special via your garden bench.

Stone Garden Benches

For a look and feel that says serenity, smooth, calm, and tranquility, nothing outperforms stone garden benches. Stone bench styles range from simple to elegant and elaborate designs, and can be engraved with a family name, an anniversary date, a famous quotation, and more.

Building a Garden Bench

If you are skillful with your hands, you can even build your own garden bench. Whether you build the most elementary garden bench (made from two blocks and a wooden board) or whether you design an elaborate seat for your garden or outdoor deck and patio, you are sure to enhance the look of your landscaping with this classic garden accessory.