Garden Fountains

Also known as "outdoor fountains," the term "garden fountain" covers the gamut of water-related garden decorations, including garden waterfalls, cascading water, birdbaths, pools, and ponds. Popular garden amenities, garden fountains lend an aura of peace and tranquility to your outdoor surroundings. On the patio or in your front or backyard, garden fountains are often the focal point or centerpiece of the entire garden.

History of Gardens Fountains

The first evidence of garden fountains came from hieroglyphics found on ancient Egyptian tombs, which depicted enclosed courtyards of wealthy homes containing rectangular ponds lined with rows of fruit-bearing trees. In Mesopotamia, fountains were a mainstay feature of formal gardens, along with shady trees under which to escape the hot sun. The Romans were famous for intertwining luscious gardens with their public baths and bathing rituals, while Persian paradise gardens became a haven away from the hot desert. Later, trade and the development of man's first villages and cities depended on access to natural and manmade waterways.

The Wonders of Water

The attributes of water, known for its calming yet invigorating effect, has been extolled throughout the ages in ancient myths and legends, symbols, poetry, art, and music. With more than 90% of the human body comprised of water, human beings are innately attracted to and spiritually and physically enhanced by the sound and flow of running and cascading water.

Garden Fountain Artistry

What sets garden fountains apart as decorative elements of exceptional design is the interplay between the architecture of the water flow or waterfall with the outdoor surroundings, as well as the interaction of the fountain with natural sunlight and other garden lighting. A mastery of hydraulic technology (the upward and downward flow of water) combined with an appreciation of nature and the virtues of water transform these dry, lifeless monuments into vibrant masterpieces of art.

Types of Garden Fountains

The most common types of garden fountains are:

•1. Cast Stone Concrete (a special type of concrete which is colored and textured and molded into the fountain shape or design)

•2. Fiberglass Fountains, which are light with a rich appearance, and which are easy to transport if you move

•3. Wall-Mounted Garden Fountains, perfect for smaller gardens or patios. Wall fountains save on space yet can reach impressive heights of 36 inches high

•4. Floating Solar Fountain, an innovative and increasingly popular landscape enhancer. Operating solely by means of energy panels, floating solar fountains transform the light rays of the sun into usable energy, which in turn operate the fountain pump, creating soothing soft ripples of water or cascading waterfalls. Relaxing in the garden or backyard has never been better!

Create a Garden of Eden

You can create your own Garden of Eden by surrounding your garden fountain with plants and blooming flowers in a rainbow of colors, or with decorative trees, shrubs, and vines. Invite Mother Nature into your garden by adding a birdbath fountain and bird feeder, and enjoy the melodic sounds of chirping birds that will visit your garden as you relax, meditate, suntan, reduce tensions and stress, and chat with family and friends. Finally, to compliment your outside décor, consider decorating the inside of your living space with a fashionable inside fountain.