Basking in Bath Towels

Functional Fashion

Love to wrap yourself in big, warm bath towels after the bath or shower? While bath towels were once considered merely functional, today's bath towels are also highly fashionable. Contemporary bath towels are available in a wide array of sizes, styles, colors, and textures. One interior fashion designer describes bath towels as "jewelry for the bathroom..." and "design accents, much like throw pillows in the living room." Representing a perfect blend of service and style, bath towels are an affordable means of changing the look of your bathroom (cheaper than paint and wallpaper!) and enhancing your bathing experience. Whether you enjoy the feel of an ultra-thick, soft bath towel against your skin, a super-absorbent towel which dries your skin in record time, or rubbing down with a whimsical themed bath towel, there is a bath towme luxury bath towels. Popular picks include bath towels by Esprit, Benetton, Ralph Lauren, Nina Campbell, and myriads more. For a classic, elegant look, stock your bathroom cabinet shelves with freshly laundered and scented white towels, which never go out of style. For that extra punch of panache, consider monogramming your towels - and your favorite bathrobes too!

Decorate with Bath Towels

Colored towels placed around the room brighten your bath area. Try mixing and matching hand towels, bath towels, and face cloths to compliment your existing bathroom décor, or invest in a color-matching bathroom towel set to create a coordinated bath environment. Some bathroom decorators suggest switching bath towels to reflect the new season or the holidays or to establish a mood. If you have a theme bathroom, be sure to hang bathroom towels in kind.

Bath Towel Sizes

Standard bath towels, used to rub down after a shower or bath, come in large and jumbo sizes. Hand towels are next in line, and come in an array of patterns and styles from simple to sophisticated and from classic to contemporary. Face towels (also known as facecloths or wael to suit every taste and to match every budget.

Posh Bath Towels

You can now dry off in style with designer and brand-nashcloths) are the smallest in size, and are popular for scrubbing one's face in the shower, drying off cool splashes of water on a hot summer day, or cleaning small spills in the bathroom area. You can also add flair to your luxury or guest bathroom by placing facecloths in hanging baskets in the bathroom or by folding and stylishly arranging them on the bathroom counter.

Bath Towel Fabrics

Egyptian Cotton and Pima Cotton

If you're looking for the crème de la crème in bath towel textures and fabrics, look for towels made from Egyptian cotton or pima cotton. These moisture-absorbing, super-soft, durable, and fade-resistant towels are some of the most sought-after bathroom accessories in the bath & bed industry and are often used in hotels and high-end spas. Moreover, you can find Egyptian cotton and pima cotton towels at affordable prices. Be sure to read the label before you buy, however. If the tag doesn't say "100% Egyptian cotton" (or pima cotton), the towels may contain synthetic fabrics which add shine but which decrease absorbency.


Quickly climbing the charts in bathroom towel textures is Modal, a fabric made from the cellulose of beech trees which is gaining in esteem due to its superior absorbent qualities (possibly even surpassing cotton) and fade-resistant nature.

Environmentally Friendly Fabrics

Eco-conscious bathers should consider velvety bath towels made from bamboo, or towels made from hemp which boast natural mildew-resistant qualities.

Additional bath towel fabrics and styles include:

•- Terrycloth Towels

•- Turkish Towels

•- Microfiber Towels

•- Novelty Bath Towels