Bathroom Trends

It’s certainly not necessary to follow every trend in home décor, but knowing where design is going will help make decorating decisions for lasting and classic style.  Five trends that are hot with staying power for the bathroom:

Eco-friendly Fixtures

Showers, sinks and toilets are going green, and not in color, thank goodness.  With the introduction of the government's WaterSense label, manufacturers are stepping up to the plate with more fixtures that reduce water use.  

The WaterSense label, similar to the Energy Star label, is a partnership program sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), that's making it easy to find and select water-efficient products with a label backed by independent testing and certification. WaterSense labeled products save up to 20% more water than similar products, and function as well, or better than, their less efficient counterparts.


Furniture from other rooms is finding its way into the bathroom with new purposes.  Dressers are becoming vanities and other cabinetry is taking on a new role in bathroom storage.  Look for sinks and cabinets being offered that may look like they belong in the bedroom or living room rather than the bath.

Furniture in bathrooms are also going for more seamless looks, hiding storage and blending function and form for a more minimalist look.

High Tech

Showers continue their trend towards high tech, with steam showers, spa showers and built in stereo systems bringing the spa experience to the shower.  Look for these big budget options to become more affordable and more offerings in the mid price range offered for consumers looking to update their bathrooms as slow home sales delay putting the house on the market.


Tile is going big and bold in the bathroom.  With a more simplistic and less fussy look, natural designs on larger tiles are coming soon to a bathroom near you.  Bolder colors are being offered to offset the neutrals and earthy tones decorating walls.


The key trend in bathroom lighting is drama – chandeliers and fancy sconces have been sneaking into bathrooms with shabby chic and cottage styles, and they have shown staying power.  Dimmers are a welcome addition to bathroom lighting, as they are in any room, and are a budget option to getting the dramatic look without the cost.

Bathroom styles are going for individuality and custom designed retreats to suit your lifestyle and personality.  If you had to name this style, it would be a Zen and nature inspired minimalistic spa retreat!