10 Tips for a Guest Bath

I like my guest bath more than my master bath.  My master bath has to withstand every day use and have gender neutral décor.  But for decorating and outfitting a guest bath, all bets are off, it only needs to withstand occasional use and you can do the theme retreat looks with no qualms.  

But besides the décor, what else do you need in the guest bath?  A few, inexpensive touches  can go a long way towards making a guest feel welcome and comfortable:

1. Privacy

Locks on the door are a requirement, there’s nothing worse than worrying about a wandering toddler barging in on your guest in the buff.

2. Towels

It’s nice to let the guest know which towels to use, particularly if they have to share the bathroom.  Either set a few towels aside for them in the guest room or leave a stack of two towels and at least one washcloth in an obvious place in the guest bath. 

Guests may be hesitant to use the fancy looking guest towels in a guest bath, so you may want to consider that when choosing guest towels, too many frills and they’re just too impractical.

3. Accessories

A bowl or basket of toiletries in the bathroom is a thoughtful touch.  Travel sized shampoos, conditioners, toothpaste, soaps and more are a nice accessory for the back of the toilet or for the vanity.

4. Rugs

Make sure the bathroom rugs are non-slip and skid resistant – you may be used to stepping carefully out of the tub to accommodate that throw rug pulling double duty, but your guest, even if warned, may not remember.

5. Supplies

Keep extras obvious in a vanity or storage area in the bath.  Basic cleaning supplies, soap and toilet paper are appreciated, especially for longer stays.

6. Hamper

Make it obvious where dirty towels and washcloths can be placed.

7. Night Light

A small nightlight as a courtesy to help find the light switch is a nice touch to help guide the way for late night visits.

8. Clear Surfaces

Make sure there’s plenty of counter or shelf space so your guest can lay out their items.  If there’s an empty drawer in the vanity for them, even better, point it out so they can keep their items private.

9. Hair Dryer

An extra hair dryer stored in the guest bath is a thoughtful addition as well. 

10. Drinking Cups

A small stack of Dixie cups or a few plastic cups stacked up will be appreciated, particularly for taking medications, late night drinks of water, etc….

With extra touches, you’ll leave your guest with a lasting impression of your hospitality.  Little things mean a lot for making guests feel welcome.