DIY in the Bathroom

If you’re considering remodeling your bathroom, or even just a makeover, there are some tasks in the bathroom that are better left to the professionals.  While many intrepid weekend warriors are ready to take on almost anything for the sake of making the most of their decorating budget, know when to say no.


Installing sinks and replacing toilets are fairly easy tasks, even for those without much DIY experience.  With so many step by step instructions available on the internet, these may be just the tasks to test the plumbing waters.  Just make sure you turn the water off before you even pick up the first tool!

The larger fixtures such as showers and tubs may be best left to the pros, particularly steam showers and whirlpool tubs.  Anything that involves water and electricity, just doesn’t seem safe to me.


Ceramic tile can be a fairly tame do-it-yourself job.  One problem with tile work is that it can’t be done in just one day.  There are several steps to the process and mortar and grout need curing time.  While it’s not horribly difficult, it can be backbreaking, as mixing mortar can leave you with an aching back and arms. 

One aspect that makes it easier for a DIY job is the tile you’re working with is usually smaller as is the area your tiling in the bathroom, so if you feel strong, you may be able to take this task on.

Marble and stone tile can make the job more difficult with weight and slope issues that can be better managed by professionals with the proper tools. 


Walls are usually a do it yourself job for any redecorating project, particularly if you’re looking for a budget makeover.  Paint and wallpaper can be handled by even the most inexperienced homeowner.  Wall tile is a little higher on the difficulty scale, but not much, as you don’t have as many weight and slope issues.  What is difficult is tiling into corners and edges.  If you can handle that, you may be able to pull off installing wall tile on your own.

Faucets and Hardware

Usually a fairly easy do it yourself project to tackle and can make a big impact on an outdated bathroom.  When you may need to call in the pros is in older homes where the previous plumbing job was rigged up.  I’ve had that happen and had to call in a plumber.  The plumber in question arrived and attempted to quote me a price of $600 to replace a faucet that wouldn’t come off.  Needless to say he was shown the door.  He did attempt to collect his $45 arrival fee which prompted me to slam the door on him.

Bottom Line

Know your limitations and when to call in the professionals.  When you do call in the pros, have an idea of how much a project should cost before they arrive.  Internet searches can come in handy, and for more specific questions, Yahoo Answers has been helpful.