Country Bathroom Style

If you’re looking for a casual style that can take you away from a hectic world, consider going country in the bathroom.  With a nod towards nostalgia and simplicity, the country decorating style can warm up any bathroom.

Country has so many nuances in decorating, that it can be interpreted in several ways.  True blue country can use gingham fabrics and rich blues, while a country cottage style is a more delicate look.   A lovely twist to country style is an English cottage look, with chintz and elegance blended with casual antiques.

If you’re decorating on a budget, and love the country style, try incorporating some of these elements to get the look without a total bathroom makeover.

Handmade Charm

Country decorating is all about handmade charm, nostalgic fabrics and vintage looks.   With this in mind, do-it-yourself projects and crafts are perfect for country bathrooms.  Handmade curtains are perfect, nothing fussy or frilly necessary, simple fabrics in classic panels or even draped over a make-do rod make great budget window treatments.

Natural Charm

Nature’s at its best in country décor, especially when it comes to natural wood.  There’s nothing like a rustic piece of furniture in the bathroom to make it look country.  Try a rustic handmade side table with chippy paint or a wood framed vanity mirror to warm up the sink area.

Warm Charm

Cold tile can be warmed right up figuratively and literally with throw rugs.  Braided oval rugs fit right in as do vintage hooked rugs in pastels and florals.  Hooked rugs from the 1930’s were made to mimic the high end needlepoint European rugs, and are readily available on the second hand market for a reasonable cost and they bring such a warm, unexpected look to the bathroom. 

Vintage Charm

Clawfoot tubs are a staple in a country style bathroom, and there are plenty of vintage and antique clawfoot tubs still around.  Don’t worry if the exterior doesn’t look great, it can be painted.  Look for stain-free and chip-free interiors, as refinishing the interior can be expensive.  There are shower rod kits that can covert the tub to be used for a shower.  They can be a little pricey, but they are well worth it for the look they bring to the bathroom. 

There are also many reproduction fixtures available to add to the vintage charm.  Goose neck faucets and porcelain handles are inexpensive options to add to the vintage, country look.

While going completely country in bathroom décor may not always be practical or within your budget, consider adding country charm to your bathroom décor to warm up the room.